Guys. Last year I ran a Tumblr Secret Santa, and if I do say so myself, it went pretty well. Well enough that I’ve been receiving numerous messages about bringing it back!!!

SO! Here are the rules:

  • Reblog this post. This is pretty much just because if you don’t, there won’t be a very big pool of people to draw from.
  • Message me your name (that you want to get mail to) and your mailing address. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL NOT BE A PART OF THE SECRET SANTA. Message link HERE.
  • Optional: Add your biggest fandom to the message. Do this by putting the actual subject of the fandom (for instance, Supernatural instead of Hunters, Hunger Games instead of Tributes, so on and so forth). This will help you pair up with someone specific to your fandom. Totally not mandatory.

Secret Santa submissions will be closed on November 30th and assignments will be sent out on December 9th.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your Ask is open so that I can send you your assignment. It will make my life so much easier. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Try not to spend more than $10 on a gift. If you want to, that’s fine, but a lot of people won’t be able to afford anything really expensive. Don’t expect something that costs a lot of money, and try not to make people bad or wrong for making their own gifts or sending something cheap.
  • It’s really shitty for you to sign up to do this and then not. Especially if the person who got you sends you something. You should really send them something back. It’s just rude not to.
  • You probably shouldn’t reveal yourself to the person you’re assigned to beforehand, but that’s totally up to you. You’ll receive that person’s url, name, and mailing address, so you will be able to figure out a good gift for them based on their blog. You can reveal yourself if you want, at any point along the way.
  • The person you’re assigned to won’t have been assigned to you. You’ll have someone different sending you a gift than the person you’re sending a gift to. 

ALRIGHT!!! I think that’s it. MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!!!!!!!

Hey- I am so so thankful to the people who have submitted their participation so far. In order to make this REALLY successful and awesome for everyone involved, I’m really going to need signal boosts. The deadline is in FOUR days, and as of right now there are about 25 people involved. I’m COMMITTED that there be at LEAST 100. 

It occurred to me that this might seem like a ploy to gain followers, or to get peoples’ information, or to do something else less than awesome. It really isn’t. What this is is that last year I did this thing, and this year people asked me to do it again. I actually am not even on the list. I don’t get anything for doing this except the knowledge that I created relationships that didn’t exist before, and connection within our community. And that is SUCH an amazing feeling.

So PLEASE- get involved!!! Reblog this post, send me your information, and commit to forging connection between all of us. Who knows- the person you get might be your future best friend and pen pal. I have no clue what you might get out of this. But you won’t know unless you try. 

Happy holidays, guys. I love you so much. You’re fabulous, and great, and deserve a really amazing gift from someone who totally gets you.



Anonymous asked: How long does it take for new Tumblr blog tags to work?

I don’t know.  Sorry. :/


Anonymous asked: How can I see all your rules without scrolling through the page on mobile? Is there a link to it?

There should be a sidebar link to all of the rules but I don’t think it shows up on the mobile app so here you go.

Welcome to Tumblr


Wow, guys!! Muffy, Adina, and I just spent an HOUR going through our backlog of submissions and things are looking really awesome!!

We also talked about/implemented a few ideas which are definitely going to make running the Rules/Facts blogs go SO much more smoothly and help get posts out on a much more regular basis!!

I am so excited, guys!! 

- Harley

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Hey guys.

Sorry for the super long and very unexpected hiatus. Thank you so much to the 5,000+ of you who stayed with me, I really appreciate it.

Although my personal life is still super busy, I am excited to resume posting Rules and Facts, and so are my wonderful helpers Muffy and Adina.

Thank you so much, again! Cheers to the end of a huge hiatus!

edit: If you haven’t already, please go follow the Facts blog. Most of the submissions are ending up there anyway- sorry about that!

- gbc


Anonymous asked: Rule of tumblr: Ass holes like you who think its fun to make tumblr like a group. no one likes what this blog is and the people who do... are also not true tumblrs.. get a life. man. cause tumblr rules. SUCKS

That’s not a rule; it’s a statement of opinion.  

People like us and our followers aren’t true Tumblrs?  Look who’s imposing rules now.

We haven’t updated this blog with new Rules in months because we’ve actually been really busy with our own lives.  I find it a tad hypocritical for you to tell us to get a life when you’re the one sending anonymous hate.  Your time could really be better spend elsewhere.  


sadakosittingalonewithbooks asked: Ok um, as a member of tumblr, i see alot of your posts are about fandoms and mostly negative things like "don't say such n such about this fandom or you'll die" or "Don't say this or people won't like you" and i think thats a bit on the overkill side. Yes i understand this is for fun n stuff. But try to leave fandom hate out of it. Its seriously not cool.

There’s no way to get rid of the ones that have already been posted because they’ve already begun circulating Tumblr, however we won’t be making any new ones related to fandom hate.  


Anonymous asked: but let's just???????? think about this???????? like what if youtube acted like this. rules of youtube! nobody must know about youtube! NO OUTSIDERS ALLOWED ON YOUTUBE HISS HISS. it wouldn't make sense. tumblr's a website not a fucking secret clubhouse

Why do I get the impression that you’re the same anon as the previously published message?  If you are, your grammar and punctuation has degenerated rather rapidly.  

I’d argue that Tumblr allows for a greater deal of anonymity that YouTube does not, hence why Tumblr users tend to be more secretive.  Yes, it’s a website and the internet is public.  As you can no doubt attest, having the ability to interact with others anonymously is quite liberating and some people want to protect that.  Is that really such a terrible thing?

By the same token, you’re right.  Many Tumblr users take it a tad too far.  That doesn’t excuse your rather rude and condescending tone. 


Anonymous asked: Tumblr is currently the 33rd most-visited website on the internet. Stop acting like this is some secret clubhouse.

Thank you for your input.  Your contribution has been noted.


yureiohime asked: Not trying to sound bitchy or anything, but really. Why rules? Why can't Tumblr just be a place were emotional kids can cry about their respective fandoms to each other and be abnormal together without complications? No offense to whoever you are personally, but I prefer Tumblr WITHOUT rules.

If you scroll through the Rules, you’ll find that they aren’t actually Rules.  Mostly silly and fun collections of unofficial “rules” we’ve come across while on Tumblr and/or have been submitted by people who follow this blog.

Tumblr has no real rules but there are a number of things that are just generally accepted.  That’s what we’re compiling here.  You don’t have to follow these things.  I’m probably one of the biggest culprits of talking about Tumblr in my everyday life.  Hell, I’ve written about it in a university paper.  

We’re not trying to force you or anyone else into doing anything.  I’m sorry that it’s come across that way.

i’m proposing a Tumblr Secret Santa!


if you want to be involved, message me and i’ll put your name, mailing address, and blog url into a spreadsheet and then message you back later with someone else’s name, mailing address, and blog url. 

i won’t be checking the notes or comments, so if you don’t actually message me you won’t be officially involved

happy holidays!!

((oh and reblog because otherwise there won’t be enough people/presents/cards/whatever you end up sending to go around.))


Anonymous asked: Can I message someone on tumblr and just tell them to fuck off?

I suppose you could if you really wanted to.  It’s the internet; you’re free to do whatever the hell you want.  

HOWEVER: Consider the following before you send that (presumably anonymous) message:

  • Why am I sending this message to this person?
  • How will sending this message affect them?
  • Why are they producing this reaction in me?
  • Is it really worth my time?
Sending hate, anonymous or not, can really hurt and have very real and serious consequences.  Hiding behind an anonymous online profile is not only low and cowardly, but it’s bullying.  Flat out, pure, simple bullying.  There is a real human being on the other side of that screen who has feelings just like you.  Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to their face.  Or better yet, don’t say anything you wouldn’t want said to you.  It’s just common human decency.  
If the message is going to be directed at someone who is being abusive towards you, BLOCK THEM AND REPORT IT TO TUMBLR.  Tumblr Support will help you manage the issue and, in some cases if the harassment is extensive enough, terminate their account.  

Don’t send hate.  It’s childish and it makes you look like a giant bags of dicks.  

-The Chocolate Frog


Anonymous asked: what is rule # 183?

I don’t understand.  We don’t have a Rule #183 yet.  

Never try to do your homework while on Tumblr. Tumblr always wins.
submitted by makemealife

Never try to do your homework while on Tumblr. Tumblr always wins.

submitted by makemealife